Greg Howe 'Play for me' Competition - (Wednesday, July 04, 2007)

Maybe I should explain what this video is all about. Greg Howe is having a competition where you can record a solo over his backing tracks. I gave it a shot and came up with this:

I'd never actually heard the song before so I approached it differently than what most other people will end up doing (eg, they'll be a lot better). I wanted to do a variety of stuff instead of just non-stop shredding. So in this video I'm doing the following;

1 - Establishing a melody

2 - Doing a bluesy solo (note the pickup change)

3 - Doing a lot of alternate picking

4 - Move onto a bit of legato stuff (including my 1 greg howe'ism)

5 - Then trying for a bit of a change, injecting a slightly eastern feel into the end.

But I missed the keychange at the end (from D to C#) while I was doing the tapping bit. Whoops!

I couldn't be bothered doing it "properly" (actually recording my guitar using pro-tools and syncing it up to the backing track and video), so I just whacked record on the camera and used the sound for that. I think that this video was the fourth take. (The other three... urhghg, don't ask!)


Chris/STS (Thursday, July 05, 2007 09:22)

Hey, could I get the address to send in a album for review?
The band is Scale The Summit
Album is "Monument"

Hope to hear back from you soon. I am sending out a batch on Thursday and would love to send you a copy for review! Thanks, Chris/STS

Lachlan (Thursday, July 05, 2007 22:56)

Hi Chris - Craig has told me that he's been in contact. I'll get the CD off him and I'm happy to write a review. Thanks for thinking of us :)

Chris(STS) (Sunday, July 29, 2007 18:26)

Hey dude, did you get the copy of Scale The Summit "Monument" album?

lach (Monday, July 30, 2007 17:03)

Hi Chris - Craig got the CD, I have yet to get it off him. Thanks for reminding me.