Stop Motion Video Clip for Leap Of Faith - (Tuesday, November 13, 2007)

Stop motion video clip for the band - I used a combination of a webcam, still camera and even a video camera for 1 scene. There's over 4000 separate images... and a lot of sweat and tears :)

I've gone bananas trying to promote the vid. So far it's up on youtube, facebook,, I've posted a message on the stop motion forum, emailed all my friends and a couple of websites... what would be cool now is for someone to digg it.

And I've also posted a message onto the Screaming Symphony Forum.


Bennet McLean (Thursday, November 15, 2007 19:06)


I like how different everything is from the start of the video to the end, the long-haired bass players becoming short-haired (and thus making the original joke awkward!) and short-haired drummers get long hair and own transforming cars!

I've also uploaded a copy (YouTube's FLV) to (and, while I was there, modified the layout and added the More Than a Dream video and Love That Binds). Any chance of a high quality full-res 12fps version being uploaded somewhere (Virb and Vimeo can both present much higher quality video than lowly YouTube)?

lach (Friday, November 16, 2007 09:57)

Yeah, there's no end to the continuity mistakes!

I'll upload a higher quality version onto my site soon and let you know where it is - thanks heaps!