Technical Blog and Zencart

I’ve separated out my music blog (which is now just and all of my technical programming blogs – which are now at This technical one is now using wordpress as a bit of a test run.

Is there anything new going on in Lachlan’s technical world? Well I’ve been doing a bit of work on the Intrepid Foundation’s website – it’s a PHP thingamebob running something called ZenCart. What do I think of Zencart? Meh. It works… most of the time. Is it customizable? I guess it is… but it’s pretty hacky. At the moment I’m thinking that it would be nice to upgrade to the latest version – apparently all it takes is 3 easy steps. To summarise:

1. Download the latest version and install it into a new directory

2. Download WinMerge and compare the files in the new directory to the ones in the old directory. Copy across or merge the differences.

3. Copy the data from your old database into your new one.

No, this is not a joke. Can you believe this? What rubbish. I really don’t want to do it but it looks like I’m going to have to. What makes it especially fun is that I didn’t do any of the original customisations to the existing site – so when it comes to running the merge I really have no idea what’s meant to be there or not. Fun!

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